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A few tunes we love to pull out at shows, just to mix things up a bit.

Night That Never Ends - The Cat Empire

Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against The Machine

Your Pussy's Glued To A Building On Fire - John Frusciante

Piss Up A Rope - Ween



Some moments recorded from practices.

November 2011 - "epika"

Sound things just kind of happening during practice.


October 2009 - "Come And Stay At Our House"

This was the first time we jammed on these chords, Bry came up with a few lyrics on the fly.

Come And Stay At Our House

March 2009 - "The Godfarter"

We were messing around with a couple of new song ideas that involved odd chromatic chord progressions. John broke into 'The Godfather' theme, and this was what came of that.

Side note - Lesley, living under a rock, thought that John just came up with this melody on his own. She was SUPER impressed. John was not surprised. We were amused.

The Godfarter

February 2009 - "Warped Well I Was"

"Well I Was" is a track on our CD that we love to play. We had already run through the song once at this practice, but decided to do it again.

And then we gave 'er some skip...

Warped Well I Was



Well I Was || Coffee Shop || Cicada || Earlybird
Park Ideas || Now || Thamesis

Well I Was

Well I was walking to see what I could see
And then this old man, well he came up to me.
Was dressed in a long coat of azure and pea green.
Said "What are you doing?", but he wouldn't answer me.

Some lights to the left, distant yet, we're passing
Some lights to the left, distant yet, we're passing
Some lights to the left, distant yet, we're passing
Momentary, yes.
In the space we've kept.

Well I was looking to see what I could see
And then this young girl, well she came up to me.
Her eyes were turquoise, and spoke of open emerald seas.
She didn't say a thing, though her mouth opened to sing.

Well I was listening to see what I could hear
And then this stray dog, well it came up to me.
It's tail was telling a story I'd believe,
And if you hear it, well you come and speak to me.

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Coffee Shop

I want you to wait for me at a coffee shop
pretending to read but unable to stop
your hands from clenching and sweating just a little too much.
anxiously watching the door and remembering my touch
the smell of my neck, the brush of my lips
as i slid down your arms to your fingertips
my hands holding your breath
my waist between your thighs
and the tender look as i met your eyes, well

i want you to think about all this and more

i want you to stress about seeing me again
about if you should hug me and where to begin
the conversation of small talk you want to avoid
tripping over words and feeling paranoid
where have i been lately, who have i seen
how have i been coping and what did i mean
when i asked you to meet me for coffee at last
then wonder to yourself
if you even have the right to ask, well

i want you to think about all this and more

i want you to agonize about what you'll do
when i walk through the door with somebody new
i want your heart to break
and you'll find your breath is
quick and laboured and you'll wonder if DEATH
is as painful as this forced handshake and smile
and quiet acknowledgement that it's been a while.

i want you to think about all this and more

(as i wait for you
to walk on through
the coffee shop door)

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When the cicada had sung her song,
the one that lasted all summer long,
She found her victuals too few.
And when the cold north wind had blown
No where could she espy
Not a single morsel, worm, or fly.

By night and day, any comer who came my way
I'd sing whenever I had the chance.
Ah so you sang did you?
Well that's very nice
But now dance, now dance,
I said dance, get up and dance.

Now her neighbor, the ant, just might
help her out in her terrible plight.
She asked the ant for just a little tree root
'till next summer would come back again.
She said "'Till next August I'll repay both,
interest and principal, insect's oath."

Now the ant may have a fault or two
But lending is not something she will do.
She asked the cicada, "What did you do last summer?"
And she sweetly...

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Sunrise makes the darkness messy
Blink twice, it's getting hard to see.
A few more acres 'til the rain comes
forcing you to stop
and be.

Pockets lined with barley dust
watch the gravel fly through all the
rust holes eating through the truck floor,
and just ignore the squelch on the radio
and dream of places we could go that would
ever be as wonderful as this.

Tailgate and windows down as the
prairie wind whips through this town.
Setting sun strikes blindly into eyes
heading westward to you.

Breaker 2-0, do you copy Earlybird?
this is Semi-On in your ear
with the rhythm and the words
so come and go with the flow
and your soles'll start to slide into the twilight
pre-moonlight, over the hill I see your ride

Breaker 2-0, Earlybird you on this frequency?
This wavelength, this levity, this dawn of creativity.
Come from a ripple across the seas
over mountains, through valleys,
sandy lakes and tall trees, at the end of this journey
breaker 2-0 Earlybird, we got what you need

Captain's Daughter wailin' on the piano set up here behind me,
Chicken Little flying through the woods and breaking trail so happily.
Strings pulled tight across the timber
turned up loud to tell the neighbours
we're one big happy family.
Here's to your family.

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Park Ideas

Star in my left eye, above and between the concrete
Drizzling below,雨の音
My window is open, left ear turned to the junction overhead

I wanna be the one, here waiting so long.
wanna be the one, porous mind so gone.

Ideas rising, surging and soaring in my head.
New horizons together we're dreaming again.
The engine is running, won't wait for too long...
The tunnels retracting, one beat and its gone.

Wanna be the one, here waiting so long
Wanna be the one, gonna fly so high

The sun sets the boat sails.
Its all picture postcard from where I stand.
The words keep me going,
the eyes keep me...

I wanna be the one, here waiting so long.

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Summertime's leapt for me, can't see the moon
I'm now here
Catch a phrase, be amazed, cosmos in bloom
I'm now here

Catch up on all the things that
used to make you laugh and sing
and dance up and down the street.
Piggybacks and paddlepops and favorite jeans frayed at the seams
I'll race you around the block

Black and white snapshots kept on the fridge
I'm now here
Catching rays, spending days up on the ridge
I'm now here

Dancing in the firelight as
shadows stretch across the night
and friendships defy the years.
Ember smiles to float along and carry on and float along....

Summertime ends, and random takes flight

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Thamesis, were we danced upon
The south bank, 'til the tide moved us on.
The group disperses, then implodes again
'til reaching where from whence we came.

A kitchen used for the present task
Tortillia for the entire cast
Potatoes washed in a temporary sink
Could have been fish or rice too now I think.

A warehouse found down a deptford raod
The group invited to come through the door.
What was found on the other side
Etched an image in my distant mind.

A big high room on a upper floor
A long polished table that we sat before
Dimly lit, I remember taking sips
Red wine consumed in my shyer times

A fire pit, more dancing 'round the pit
Talking on the wide river wall
The long expanse to the London sky
Elemental pleasures felt by all

A memory checked, you have an elegant neck,
observing all with my curious checks
mapping lands in the foreign sounds
expressive language living all around

A warehouse lit against a dark blue sky
A dancing fire, flames leaping high
(Thamesis shores, on the southern side)
The wait for sunlight and the morning tide.

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