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Some moments recorded from practices.

November 2011 - "epika"


fruit fruit.

October 2009 - "Come And Stay At Our House"

Come And Stay At Our House

This was the first time we jammed on these chords, Bry came up with a few lyrics on the fly.

March 2009 - "The Godfarter"

The Godfarter

We were messing around with a couple of new song ideas that involved odd chromatic chord progressions. John broke into 'The Godfather' theme, and this was what came of that.

Side note - Lesley, living under a rock, thought that John just came up with this melody on his own. She was SUPER impressed. John was not surprised. We were amused.

February 2009 - "Warped Well I Was"

Warped Well I Was

"Well I Was" is a track on our CD that we love to play. We had already run through the song once at this practice, but decided to do it again.

And then we gave 'er some skip...