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What It's All About...


Harmonium Parlour is an open mic event, where artists of any ilk may have the stage for 10-15 minutes. If you're looking for live music in Nagoya, this is the place! In the past, we have had the pleasure of singer-songwriters, 10-member bands, flamenco guitarists, shamisen players, jump-rope enthusiats, pianists, hula dance, spoken word, theatre troupes, line dancers, DJs... and some entertainers that are impossible to classify. Come on, surprise us :)


Here, we welcome our featured artist of the month. There have been exhibitions by artists from across Japan, showing everything from photographs to sculptures to homemade instruments.


When Is It?

Harmonium Parlour is held on the last Sunday of every month *except December, unless otherwise advertised. Things kick off at 7pm and run until last train (around midnight).


How much?

Everyone - performers and spectators alike - pays 1000 yen to enter. This entitles you to one free drink, and access to both the 1st floor stage and the 2nd floor art gallery.

*Please note: this is a non-smoking event. There are ashtrays set up in the lounge area outside the club.


How Do I Get On The List To Play?

Easy! There is a sign-up sheet for folks who'd like to perform on the 1st floor stage. This list has twenty 15-minute time slots, with the first performance at 7pm and the last at 11:45pm. This 15 minutes includes your set-up and take-down time, so we ask that you be mindful of the clock. Sign-up starts at 6:50pm.


How About Equipment?

Plastic Factory has an amazing sound system, through which we run the mics and amps.

Semi-On provides:

Please use the amps we provide - with only 15 minutes to set up, extra amps means less playing time...


How Can I Exhibit In The 2nd Floor Art Gallery?

Just let a member of Semi-On know you'd like to book a night, and you're good to go! The next available night is on Sunday, May 27, 2011 and onward (we're all booked up until then). Please speak to us at the event, or contact us at semionjp@gmail.com if you are interested in booking the space.


How Much Does It Cost To Exhibit In The Art Gallery?

At the Harmonium Parlour event only, the art space upstairs belongs to the artist for the night, free of charge. If you'd like to rent the space for longer than the single night, please speak to Heinz (of Plastic Factory).


Who's In Charge?

Semi-On hosts this event - any questions or comments can be directed to the smiling faces of John, Bryony, Lesley, Kazuya, or Coleen (of Semi-On) or Heinz & Chiemi (of Plastic Factory).


Where It's At...

Plastic Factory logo
Plastic Factory map


Plastic Factory has one of the best live sound systems in Nagoya, suited to both bands and solo acts, as well as DJs and VJs. There's a large dance floor, sofas and low tables with candles, and reasonably-priced drinks (550 to 800 yen). On the second floor, there is a newly built art gallery, where artists exhibit for free on the night of this event.

By subway: Get off at Imaike 今池 station, Exit 2. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. You will see a Max Valu supermarket on your left... turn right at the next set of lights (a 2-way street). The Plastic Factory is on the left side of this street, beside a ramen shop called どんたく. Follow the blue tunnel to happy times...

By car: From the Chikusa Post Office, head north, past the Max Valu supermarket on your left. Turn right at the next set of lights (if you pass a Circle K conbini on your left, you've gone too far). There is a parking lot directly across from the club, as well as a parking lot just a little further up the street.


Why Isn't This Information In Japanese?

Because my Japanese is terrible... but we'll try and have a translated page up for you as soon as we can :)