Semi-On Bios

Les' picture Lesley Bartlett (Elong Elong, NSW, Australia) is able to play a number of instruments, but left the woodwinds behind for amplification. She graduated from music college in Sydney with a degree in contemporary guitar before coming to Japan in 1998.
Bry's picture Bryony Ollier (Goostery, Cheshire, England) started violin lessons at 4, but was scared away by the Suzuki Method (let that be a lesson to you all)... she hid her jewel of a voice for 2 decades before singing for the first time here in Japan 3 years ago. John and Bry came to Japan in 2003.
Col's picture Coleen Wickdahl (Erickson, Manitoba, Canada) learned old-time fiddle from her grandpa when she was 8 and had a tendancy to grab any instrument within arm's reach to try and plunk out a tune on it. She met Les in Nagano in 2003.
John's picture John Pickering (Belleville, Ontario, Canada) played trombone in elementary school, and after a brief flirtation with the french horn, committed to the bass guitar. The influence of GnR and Slash was too strong though, and he picked up the guitar and a bottle of Jack Daniels at 15.
Kaz's picture Kazuya Kato (Tajimi, Aichi, Japan) was more interested in creating with his hands than he was in music as a child, but started playing at 10 years old, influenced by his father, who plays percussion in his own band. Kaz lives for jazz and Finland, and can play everything from disco to Rage to Dolly to bossa without hesitation.