group photo

Kazuya Kato, Coleen Wickdahl,
Lesley Bartlett, John Pickering,
& Bryony Ollier

Gypsy-funk, edgy folk-rock...

Semi-On is a band of five who live, work and play in Japan. Two Canadians, one British, one Australian and one local. Formed by chance under a chorus of cicadas. ('Semi' means cicada in Japanese. Who doesn't love cicadas?)

"Nagoya's most unpredictable, eclectic band..."

At any given moment, you can catch them with an array of instruments within reach: from roots-inspired fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, to funked-up guitar and bass grooviness... melodic pianica, xylophone, and fluid beats, all speckled with random bird calls and vocals that entice and devour. Unified by the love of trans-genre music and the spontaneity of the jam. Great energy and fun to watch live.