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Local Musicians & Artists

Morning Set
Belles & Whistles
a-fank syndicate
Andrew Scott

Mami Ito
Kenichi Tanaka
Kouhei Yamauchi
Masaaki Hagino


Kansai Music Conference, Osaka
Earth Celebration Festival, Sado Island, Niigata
Benten-Jima, Hamanako, Shizuoka
Space Children Gathering, Mt.Aso, Kyuushu
Jam Off, Hakuba, Nagano

Studios & Promoters

Bugbear Bookings, who booked our show at The Constitution in Camden, London, UK
NEWS90, where we recorded The Perils Of Having Too Much Fun.
BL Studios, where we go for full sound studio practices.
Studio Pecker, our very kind and fateful hook-up to playing the Nagoya Festival.

Live Houses

Plastic Factory
Tracks Bar
KD Japon

Stores & Restaurants

Mondo Books & Cafe, Nagoya's newest sell/trade foreign book store.
Itamen, amazing Italian-ramen fusion cooking.
Village Green Tea Room, a lovely little music space near Yaba-cho in Nagoya.

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