Semi-On Band – Nagoya, Japan

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   Aug 21

*blush… A Review From London

We received this most excellent email yesterday from Tony at Bugbear Promotions in London, England.  These cats set up our gig at The Constitution – our first ever gig in the UK – and were great to work with.  His kind words…

‘Really fucking amazing!’ was just one of the comments shouted in Bugbear’s ear’ole as Semi-on filed off the tiniest stage in Christendom recently, in The Constitution, Camden [ Camden's finest canalside pub/venue...]

An electic mix of East Euro folk, vaudeville, twisted country pop and Beefhearty avant blues, the cheekily entitled Jap/Brit/Aussie outfit get good and “knowing” on yo ass [in fact downright Biblical..]

No wonder they’re doing a 5 night stretch at the Edinburgh Festival, the entertainment factor here is immense and they manage to cross pollinate Rock and Roll with cuter cabaret leanings incredibly successfully.

And fashionistas take note- they wear toe shoes onstage, a la Japanese workmen – a strange choice of footwear you may say but it enhances their poetic vulnerability as they rock out to such an extent that they appear  even more loveable…

So make room for Semi-on. A mere inch or two away from going straight to the top…

Bugbear Promotions
40 Dunford Rd
London N7 6EL
020 770 0550
020 770 0880

I’ll even forgive him for not mentioning the Canadian part of the band :)